Here’s a Feng Shui Tip for the Day:

Someone asked the question:
Is it a bad thing to have an exercise bike in the bedroom?

My Answer:
Well, the Bedroom is not really the place for so much activity.
In Feng Shui we like it to be a place of rest and relaxation or intimacy.

Having said that: I truly understand the demands of “city living” and
I do realize you will probably not be riding the exercise bike for 8 hours a day…!

So I suggest you find a nice soft flowy opaque type cloth to cover the bike when
you’re not riding it and you could even add some decorative scarves or beads or
pillows, etc to make it into a nice looking feature.

This will help re-balance the Yin (rest) and Yang (activity) of the bedroom
and you’ll lose the bike in the bedroom (without losing it), and all will be well.

Make it look good!

Feng Shui Master

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PS Dont choose solid fabrics – it will only make the whole bedroom feel blocked and choke the Chi in the bedroom (and this wont be good feng shui).

Stick with the opaque see through type fabrics and it will give you a feeling of freedom
and expansion.


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Here’s a New Feng Shui Tip About Attracting Money

Someone asked the question:
My Answer:
Whenever someone writes an ALL CAPITALISED question into my website I always know they are serious!  Aside from that, everyone’s been asking this question so I know you all want some feedback on this.

Here’s my Answer:
Attracting Money Luck is always dependant on three things in reality:

The First is: Your actual Feng Shui.
According to the Flying Stars Method we each live/occupy a building that already has “a building horoscope” and this horoscope reveals where our money stars are located (there are two) and how healthy they are.

Sometimes people have got their money stars shut down because of the structure of the building, or a whole heap of other reasons and this makes a very big difference to the way someone can attract money.  When the money star is shut down either because the structure or the building has shut it down in the environment or because they just don’t have the right things there (sometimes our interior design can be the problem) it will impact.

The Second is: Yearly Stars Feng Shui
Yearly Stars are the “live Feng Shui energies” which transit or rotate around each year and come to a different part of your building each year.

People spend a lot of time building up their business or making efforts to get a bit more money but the Yearly Stars can defeat their efforts in one foul swoop – big time.

In fact, when the Yearly Stars hit in a bad way – it’s big – and in all the time I’ve been practising Feng Shui, when the Yearly Stars hit in a bad way… I’ve never not seen a bad result – excluding the clients/times where we have worked ahead of time to defeat the Yearly Stars using the Yearly Stars Feng Shui Consultation. (when you get to this link scroll down)

This is a consultation that can be applied to any building – irrespective of whether you’ve had your Feng Shui done or not and in every situation it will help.

Of all my successful clients, the most successful clients do the Yearly Stars each year and use the Yearly Stars Consultation to keep themselves and their businesses stable. Right now I have a lot of client doing very well in the USA and Australia and some of them are even thriving in this economic climate, so yearly stars is important!!!

The Yearly Stars Consultation allows you to implement the right Feng Shui to grow your efforts (from year to year) into something…

The Third is “Man’s Luck” and the things we do.
Man’s Luck can never be removed from the “success equation” and this is why you will always find it added to my answers on anything.

The simple fact is: even if I get the best opportunity in the whole wide world – the one thing that could put me on the map FOREVER…. but if I’m a complete fool…! (and let’s face it… we can all be complete fools at different times – myself included) I will blow it!!  (aaaahhh).  So Inner Feng Shui is never not part of the wealth or success equation.  The things I do to get money and keep it absolutely counts!

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